Inch Loss Slimming Body Wraps

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Make Your Clothes Fit

Do you ever get that feeling some days that your clothes just don't fit as well as they used to? Or you are just having a blah... day? We have them as well, which is why we created Inch Loss Slimming Body Wraps using a technique that dates back to the Pharaohs and uses our unique Slimming Solution that took millions of years to create. With Inch Loss, you will get just that, Inch Loss. But some added benefits include a complete relaxation, skin treatment and detoxification.

What is the Inch Loss Slimming Solution?

For years we were searching for the ultimate clay that we could combine with other essential minerals to create a Slimming Solution that really provided results. We turned to the sea for the answer considering this is where all life started. We soon realised that we should be looking for sea clay deposits that were laid down millions of years ago. By chance, we came across a unique deposit more than 600m above sea level in the highly fertile plains of Australia's Darling Downs. This sea clay dates back millions of years, and when combined with our highly mineralised salts, we have been able to produce a Slimming Solution that gives great results.

How Do I Have an Inch Loss Body Wrap?

Having an Inch Loss Body Wrap is a great experience that leaves you relaxed, refreshed and with great results. Our simple 4 step process commences by first measuring 18 pre-determined points so that we can compare results at the end of the treatment. We then apply the Inch Loss Slimming Solution and Slimming Wraps to the entire body. After 1 hour, we remove the Slimming Wraps and re-measure. This is the exciting part where we compare your results with the measurements we took at the beginning and where you get to see the actual inches lost.