Dr Spiller Biocosmetic Facial

dr-spiller-biocosmetic-bunburyThe Unique Hydratain Emulsion System


Dr. Spiller Biocosmetic uses the patented Hydratain emulsion system, making it completely unique in skin care - by providing you with the ultimate in hydration and anti-ageing.


Understanding how your skin works is fundamental to caring for your skin. For instance, most skin care is water-based, but your skin is water-proof. How then does water-based skin care penetrate your skin? Well, it cannot. 


The Dr. Spiller's product range offers everything necessary for the very best care of your skin; from essential products such as cleansers and creams to products for the sensitive eye area and products to treat specific skin problems. 


Dr. Spiller Biocosmetic systematically meet the needs of all skin types; young and combination skin, dry/dehydrated skin and acne-prone skin, sensitive skin and mature skin and more. 


You will not find Dr. Spiller available to buy online - the sale of the products exclusively through skin care professionals ensures the consultation that is necessary to select your individual care program.

Hydration Breakthrough

Introducing Dr. Spiller’s new Hydratain™ emulsion system which takes the concept of natural skin care to new levels of gentleness, effectiveness and results - not just ‘natural ingredients mixed into a cream’ but formulated in a way that imitates the protective barrier found on young healthy skin.

Dr. Spiller’s Hydratain™ emulsions succeed in reproducing the conditions found in the acid mantle, our skin’s natural protection. They are gentle on your skin, and ensure it remains beautifully hydrated all day long.

Skin friendly actives like vitamins, peptides and skin-identical substances develop their full potential for a healthier, smoother and more radiant appearance.

“Hydratain™ technology breaks through the key disadvantage of oil-based creams - a heavy, greasy consistency. Dr. Spiller’s unique technology allows him to formulate light creams with an oil content as low as 19%, compared to the industry standard of 50%,” explains Paul Fister, Managing Director of OmniDerm Australia, distributor of Dr. Spiller Biocosmetics. “At the same time, they have significant advantages over traditional water-based creams.”


“Firstly, they are vastly superior in maintaining moisture levels in the skin, as proven in scientific tests. Dehydration of the skin is a common problem in Australia, leading to premature ageing.”

“Secondly, they counteract inflammation because they work with the skin rather than breaking it down. Harsh acids and other aggressive ingredients leave the skin in a constant state of irritation. Leading dermatologists have found this to be a core cause of many skin conditions.”

“Thirdly, the Hydratain™ emulsion system is more effective at delivering skin friendly active ingredients. Scientific measurements conducted in Germany show that this delivery system results in 120% higher levels of vitamin E in the skin compared to traditional skin care creams.”

“This is not just some vague promise,” Paul Fister continues. “These statements are supported by scientific data.” Dr. Spiller Hydratain™ creams contain vitamins, healing peptides, anti-oxidants and other skin-friendly active ingredients. They help return your skin to its natural balance, restoring a healthy, smooth and radiant complexion. The difference in hydration can be felt almost immediately.